• Dinner 2021

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 111 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 129 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 182 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 186 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 189 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 143 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 154 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 192 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 199 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 203 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 205 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 211 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 219 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 225 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 235 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 239 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 254 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 55 Small

  • Cheshire Farm Comp 2021 93 Small

2021 Results

Supreme Farm Champion- J and S Allwood Huntington Hall Farm, Chester

Reserve Champion- CH Dakin and Son, Jodrell Bank Farm, Holmes Chapel


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Competitor Profiles

Robert Cross, Grappenhall 

  • Tell us a little bit about your business 

I am in partnership with my Dad, John.  We farm in Grappenhall and grow a variety of cereal crops- wheat, oats, barley, peas, beans and OSR. We have been at the farm since 1950 when my Grandfather moved from under his family company umbrella in the year he got married.  Most of the land we farm is in and around Grappenhall, we also own and farmland in Plumley. In 2014 I did my BASIS qualification and subsequently do all the agronomy on the farm.

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The Cheshire County Farming Competition is probably the oldest established farms competition on a County scale held anywhere in the UK. The objective is to encourage pride and healthy competitiveness in all aspects of farming and thereby uphold the tradition of best practice farming in Cheshire.

There is a choice of 23 classes designed to cater for a variety of farming interests:

  • COMPLETE FARMS: Large, Medium, Small, Non dairy and CCC holding (The winners go forward to the supreme champion farm section)
  • LIVESTOCK: Dairy herd (Black & White and Coloured, In calf dairy heifers, Maiden Heifers, Beef Breeding herd, Beef feeding Herd, Sheep Flock.
  • EQUINE: Best equine establishment
  • FODDER CROPS: Forage Maize
  • ARABLE CROPS: Winter wheat, winter and spring barley, Winter Oats, Early Potatoes, Second Early, Main crop potatoes, Winter Oilseed Rape.
  • GRASSLAND: Best sown ley in previous year
  • FARM MACHINERY: Care and Maintenance
  • FARM BUILDINGS: Appearance, usefulness and maintenance. (Old and new)
  • FARMING AND WILDLIFE: Sympathetic considerations within context of commercial farming.
  • FARM GARDENS: Layout, variety and maintenance.
  • DIVERSIFICATION: Farm based alternative enterprise.
  • COMPETENT YOUNG PERSON IN AGRICULTURE AWARD: for young ambitious person aged between 16-24 working on farm in Cheshire
  • AMBASSADOR AWARD- contact the secretary to nominate someone for this presitgious award
  • OXFORD FARMING CONFERENCE AWARD- judges from the individual classes will nominate people aged 25-40 for this award 

The classes are judged on your own farm or business, not in a show ring. Why not think about entering one or a number of these classes to show how your business compares with others in the County of Cheshire.

CCFC Committee

  • President
    Philip Percival
  • Chairman
    Chris Harvey
  • Vice Chairman
    Will Glenn
  • Secretary
    Catherine Cross

Associated With 

Cheshire Agriculture Society
Mid Cheshire Farmers Club
The Cheshire Farmers Club
Cheshire West & Chester Council
Cheshire East Council
Cheshire Grassland Society

Cheshire YFC

Events Diary

  • TBC- Farm Garden Open Evening
  • TBC- Supreme Farm Farm Open Evening 
  • Friday 11th November - Annual  Dinner and awards presentation evening 

Contact Us

For more details please contact the secretary.

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